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Who uses our lasers

There have been immense advances in laser technology over recent years bringing with it many improvements to both cost and performance and now making it accessible to more and more people. Users of our systems are not only in entertainment but also come from other areas such as retail, event and sports organisations.

With our 28+ years' experience in the industry we continue to move forward incorporating the latest technology and providing a huge range of laser projector systems, controllers and accessories for all types of users around the globe.

We supply, DJ's, musicians, night club venues, social clubs, stadiums, concerts, hire companies, leisure parks, bars, bowling alleys, bands, retail parks, parties and individuals to name but a few!

So if you want the ultimate in special effects, you have arrived at the right place.

Laser Know How - The home of laser entertainment

We have been designing and manufacturing laser systems since 1988. Every laser we sell is designed and tested to our high standards using current safety standards and guidance. All of our customers receive more than just a laser, they get our full technical support from people who know what they are talking about and are ready and willing to help.

Before you buy a laser from anywhere make sure you understand exactly what is being offered, there can often be hidden details, for example, a seller may promote 50K Scanners which sounds great until you realise it's 50K at a scan angle of only 4 degrees, so great if you have a magnifying glass or are projecting half a mile away!

Read our technical pages by clicking on Wordpress or just give our technical expert a call

We want to make sure whatever you buy meets your high expectations.

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